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About Us

Thanks for your interest in InkJetCarts

We have been selling commercial inks since 1979, forming a retail (direct to consumers) operation in 2006. Our mission is to provide the best OEM inks and easy to use delivery systems. Our commercial and wholesale customer business has evolved but is basically unchanged since 1979.

Training / Service / Support;

Building Better Refillers, Low Prices are Just a Bonus!

Contact Us

You can contact us at:

or by phone at (888) 465-9979.

We are located at;
435 Blue Valley Drive Suite 1
Bangor PA 18013

New additions 2014

  • (New Customer Display Center)
  • Decoder Boards installed in printers negating the need for resetters or even chips
  • Reset Whenever you want to chips
  • Installations in front of you while you are here at our facilities
  • Epson Labels Printers with Pigment Inks epson securecolor c3400 are REFILLABLE
  • We now MANUFACTURE MANY of own Large Format Cartridges inhouse here at InkJetCarts, Epson, Canon and HP same great OEM MATCHED INKS

InkJetCarts is here to HELP!

We're refillers ourselves and we do not just sell items we KNOW how they work and Use Them Ourselves